Title cards / in-show graphics / logos for digital series + one-off sketches for Comedy Central.

Logo sting for Astronomy Club’s sketch series + outtake designs that weren’t chosen but are still my precious babies and I simply must celebrate them.

Title card + in-show segment graphics for Shane Torres Conquers Your Fears, where Shane Torres invites his comedian friends to come on his show and... you guessed it, babe... conquer their fears. 

Logo design for a sketch about a new Uber-style app called Genies, where users make wishes and a “genie” comes to grant any wish they desire, whether it’s firing their employees for them or murdering someone. Cool.

Logo for Consenta, a sketch about how men are morons who need an Alexa-style device to tell them when women are giving them consent.

Title card + graphics for a Comedy Central sketch that parodies pharmaceutical commercials, advertising how the only escape from the hellscape that is Facebook is, of course, Death!™